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Functional Overlap and Regulatory Links Shape Genetic Interactions between Signaling Pathways
S. van Wageningen, P. Kemmeren, P. Lijnzaad, T. Margaritis, J.J. Benschop, I.J. de Castro, D. van Leenen, M.J. Groot Koerkamp, C.W. Ko, A.J. Miles, N. Brabers, M.O. Brok, T.L. Lenstra, D. Fiedler, L. Fokkens, R. Aldecoa, E. Apweiler, V. Taliadouros, K. Sameith, L.A.L. van de Pasch, S.R. van Hooff, L.V. Bakker, N.J. Krogan, B. Snel, F.C.P. Holstege

Data S1: Gene Expression Matrix of all kinase/phosphatase mutants
Tab-delimited file that contains both the M ratios (mutant/wildtype) and P-values for all kinase/phosphatase mutants obtained through the limma statistical modeling approach. The first two rows contain the name of the mutant and the data type (M or p_value) for each deletion mutant. The first two columns contain the systematic name (ORF name) and standard gene symbol for every gene present on the microarray. Wildtype variable genes have been excluded.

Data S2: Cluster diagram of kinase/phosphatase mutants with significant profiles
TreeView file ( containing the hierarchical clustering of all kinase/phosphatase mutants (clustered horizontally) that have a significant expression profile. All genes (clustered vertically) exhibiting significant changes (FC>1.7, P<0.05) specific to one or more deletion strains are included. Yellow indicates upregulation, blue downregulation and black no change, all relative to wt.