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a high-resolution gene expression atlas of epistasis between gene-specific transcription factors exposes potential mechanisms for genetic interactions

K. Sameith, S. Amini, M.J. Groot Koerkamp, D. van Leenen, M. Brok, N. Brabers, P. Lijnzaad, S.R. van Hooff, J.J. Benschop, T. Lenstra, E. Apweiler, S. van Wageningen, B. Snel, P. Kemmeren, F.C.P. Holstege

Tab-delimited file that contains both the M ratios (mutant/wildtype) and p values for all deletion mutants obtained through the limma statistical modelling approach. The first two rows contain the name and data type (M or p value) for each deletion mutant. The first column contains the systematic name (ORF name) for every gene present on the DNA microarray. 57 WT variable genes were excluded, as well as YDL196W.